The story of Pete Porkins, the Damp Knight.

Episode 13 Trivia

by Flyer Beast on 20th Oct 2019, 8:03 AM
I thought I may as well post some facts and stuff about Episode 13 while y'all wait for Episode 14 (Halfway drawn now!)
  • Rhiannon H came up with this episode’s title in a gnome-pun contest
  • The cover features wreckage including bits of Zopran Battlebot, Vandalmechs, guns and Gnome jetpacks, plus a subtle Wom.
  • We see Fin Face a couple of years after we last saw it, during which time the ‘Mutant Offers’ that were previously advertised in-store have been cancelled (similarly to the real-life cinematic mutant offerings)
  • We don’t know if Fin Face actually believes the Emberizine Guard is real, but there’s certainly a market for merch.
  • Emerald Platinum’s Emmy’s Gems fashion line is advertised by her friend Claire in the shop. Turns out Emerald designed Annecy Ambler-Diamond’s outfit and Jul Khalis’s outfits in Dressed to Kill!
  • This also canonises that Epic Eye Scar Guy is still a known fashion model even in Colkiverse A.
  • Claire Blair is a fan of musical theatre and shows this through the Legshark in Miami poster.
  • HFN News (Happy Face News) is the news network first seen on television in the first Amazing Team episode, and has since been seen reporting on the ‘alien invasion’ of Bristol. Now, it has an app!
  • Claire Blair uses a DY (Dynamic Industries, as owned by Valerie Viper and Sylvester Cobra) phone.
  • The complete Fin Face sales spreadsheet features repeat balaclava purchases by a certain notoriously balaclava-wearing assassin, and a red cape bought by a completely anonymous individual…
  • Egon Tagliatelle hands out flyers for his restaurant no matter how far from Bristol he travels, it seems. The poster was drawn by Alice F
  • The Slug-Man transformation sound is now ‘Shzam’ to avoid copyright problems with a non-Colkinom superhero who was a lot more obscure before 2019.
  • Add ‘Zoppedia’ to the list of known Zopran internet services, along with Zopflix.
  • The spreading explosions behind Pete as he tries to open the Processor Room door are repurposed from the gold-splosion in Jonah Gordonson’s one-shot comic. Shhh, it didn’t break your immersion in the story, right?
  • Swbo Bolg prefers kebabs to Glog’s favourite meal, burgers.