The story of Pete Porkins, the Damp Knight.


Slug-Man 14 Trivia

by Flyer Beast on 8th Nov 2020, 11:34 AM
Having finished uploading Episode 14, I thought it would be worth giving y'all some trivia about it again! This list follows the order of the comic page by page...
  • Another cover that isn’t a reference to any film poster, though if you want to say there’s a Die Hard reference here, go ahead!
  • The cover features the silhouettes of Swbo Bolg, Mason, Supreme Admiral Gnome, a Wormmech, Claire Blair and a mysterious fedora-wearing individual (Grrreal Gromb)
  • The NDC TV News station was first seen in Shopping is Difficult, and features in the press conference scene in Bionic Badger. The graphics used here are exactly identical to both of those appearances, barring their hand-drawn nature.
  • The UNWD has been, up until the Battle of London, one of the worst-kept secrets and heavily rumoured to exist. They announced their aims publicly in time to start clearing the most dangerous rubble from the city.
  • Grrreal Gromb doesn’t speak in the typical rough hand-drawn Gnome font, because he is far more eloquent and is a cut above most Gnomes.
  • The Slotham Abandoned Underground (Formerly Slotham Subway) is in fact home to many, many denizens, including the Cult of Wom, Doc Coyote and Gef Lesley, amongst others. Must get a bit crowded down there!
  • Confirmation here that Swbo Bolg was the first Bolg unit, but doesn’t necessarily just share that title with Glog…
  • Slotham is an ancient magical site, obviously. More on this later…
  • Slotham Radio Tower neighbours the Gaius Observatory atop Drosgl hill near the city.
  • The ‘last time’ Pete snuck into a facility illegally he refers to is the time he broke into the UNWD base way back in Slug-Man #3, but he could also be thinking of breaking into the Zopran headquarters in Slug-Man #9, which went only slightly better.
  • The man behind the reception desk is Gordon Thorn, fyi.
  • Gordon calls the UNWD ‘UWD’, a reference to how that is what the organisation should logically have been named. Unfortunately, it translates as ‘porridge’ in Welsh so that’s a bonus.
  • Here is the first comic reference to Slotham 365 – a fully-written audio drama following its reporters as they deal with a completely separate set of world-ending problems.
  • Legitimate Limited, GoLD MasTAH’s cover company for stealing gold, is still somehow in business and still does nothing but illegitimate activities.
  • Claire mentions her friend Oswald Overfield, a reporter for The Daily Snail over in Couresbury.
  • Of course, Claire has a DY laptop exactly matching her DY phone from the last episode.
  • My favourite callback in the whole episode is page 8’s first panel. It’s a near-identical, though vastly higher-quality, version of the very first Slug-Man panel and the first time we’ve seen Porkins National Bank since Slug-Man #2.
  • Pete’s uncle Paul Porkins must be one of the best-drawn human characters in any of my comics ever. Weird.
  • Paul used his influence and possible connections with Bill Large to get Pete the lab job he had at the start of Episode 1, with disastrous consequences.
  • ‘Going down in flames’ is a very apt way pf putting the events of Episode 13.
  • The buildings behind Claire as she makes the call are taken from the original cover for Slug-Man #1, which has since been replaced. These skyscrapers are directly opposite Porkins National Bank.
  • Is that ‘Scran Coach’ or ‘Scrap Coach’, or something else? I won’t tell you.

Episode 13 Trivia

by Flyer Beast on 20th Oct 2019, 8:03 AM
I thought I may as well post some facts and stuff about Episode 13 while y'all wait for Episode 14 (Halfway drawn now!)
  • Rhiannon H came up with this episode’s title in a gnome-pun contest
  • The cover features wreckage including bits of Zopran Battlebot, Vandalmechs, guns and Gnome jetpacks, plus a subtle Wom.
  • We see Fin Face a couple of years after we last saw it, during which time the ‘Mutant Offers’ that were previously advertised in-store have been cancelled (similarly to the real-life cinematic mutant offerings)
  • We don’t know if Fin Face actually believes the Emberizine Guard is real, but there’s certainly a market for merch.
  • Emerald Platinum’s Emmy’s Gems fashion line is advertised by her friend Claire in the shop. Turns out Emerald designed Annecy Ambler-Diamond’s outfit and Jul Khalis’s outfits in Dressed to Kill!
  • This also canonises that Epic Eye Scar Guy is still a known fashion model even in Colkiverse A.
  • Claire Blair is a fan of musical theatre and shows this through the Legshark in Miami poster.
  • HFN News (Happy Face News) is the news network first seen on television in the first Amazing Team episode, and has since been seen reporting on the ‘alien invasion’ of Bristol. Now, it has an app!
  • Claire Blair uses a DY (Dynamic Industries, as owned by Valerie Viper and Sylvester Cobra) phone.
  • The complete Fin Face sales spreadsheet features repeat balaclava purchases by a certain notoriously balaclava-wearing assassin, and a red cape bought by a completely anonymous individual…
  • Egon Tagliatelle hands out flyers for his restaurant no matter how far from Bristol he travels, it seems. The poster was drawn by Alice F
  • The Slug-Man transformation sound is now ‘Shzam’ to avoid copyright problems with a non-Colkinom superhero who was a lot more obscure before 2019.
  • Add ‘Zoppedia’ to the list of known Zopran internet services, along with Zopflix.
  • The spreading explosions behind Pete as he tries to open the Processor Room door are repurposed from the gold-splosion in Jonah Gordonson’s one-shot comic. Shhh, it didn’t break your immersion in the story, right?
  • Swbo Bolg prefers kebabs to Glog’s favourite meal, burgers.

Episode 11 and its significance

by Flyer Beast on 17th Sep 2016, 6:53 AM

Yes, I've just about caught up with myself. Episode 11 is now uploading, one-page-a-day until it's done. This is the most recent I published, finished only last month after almost a year's hiatus. And how much improvement my art style made in that time! We now have the luxury of written text boxes, higher tolerance colouring coupled with better scanning of less-blunt-pencilled pages, drawn with noticably more thought. And so on. This is the point I'd like to call where it gets good. Or, at least, easier on the eyes.

But! You may be thinking! Does this mean my content posting's going to slow down? To that I say no way. In fact, the content you'll be seeing from Colkinom (The wider universe surrounding Slug-Man) is all the more interesting and better drawn. Plans are being put in place for at least two more webcomics on Comicfury, those being the origin stories for Chaos Master, Stella, Jonah Gordonson, another mysterious new superhero and, eventually, the whole rest of the Sevens Crew. As soon as those complete stories are up, Chaos Master being the only complete 5-episode story of those, I'll be able to safely link you guys to the Colkinom Wiki without the risk of major spoilers. The universe is far bigger than you'd think...

Thanks for staying this far, anyway! Persevering past the extremely iffy first story has, hopefully, paid off for all of you. And continue to read!

Wait, I can write things?

by Flyer Beast on 23rd Aug 2016, 11:28 AM

Now this is super cool! I can share... thoughts... on Slug-Man here.

There're all sorts of things I could say! I could say it's got a lot of characters. It sure does. And they are, occasionally, interesting!